Keynote Topics

Chidi C. Iwuchukwu is a resilience expert and public speaker building resilience in the next generation of leaders through his vast experience and inspirational story telling.

Stories to encourage the audience

Chidi Iwuchukwu uses his own personal story, marked by a variety of harrowing life experiences and transitions, to illustrate how to impact positive change by embracing and applying the principles of courage, vision, and power. See below for the keynote topics he has for your students and feel free to get in touch for your preferred topics.


Resilience in Leadership For Students

We have so many uncertainties thrown at us in this era- COVID 19 pandemic, inflation and political changes. Thinking of the future and navigating college brings additional burdens, expectations, anxieties, and self-doubts. These mix makes transitioning to adulthood challenging, overwhelming, and demanding exceptional leadership skills. More than ever, personal and organisational leadership for students requires grit, strategic visioning, and unparalleled execution. This session will help the students and their leaders to re-focus, re-strategize, and lead with the power of resilience to meet the challenges of change and uncertainties.


After this session students will learn:

  • The Essential Skill They Need To Win Inside and Beyond the College.
  • 5 Things You Need to Succeed In Life That is Not Taught in Schools.
  • How to Vision for Impact and Inter-generational Excellence.
  • Leveraging Community Resources to Build Strong Organizations.

Building Inclusive Communities and Leaders through Resilience and Empathy

How do we make inclusion and belonging achievable in a world of diverse opinions and hates on the social media? How do we transform our spaces and communities into islands of inclusion for the vulnerable and voiceless?  What actionable steps can we take to make inclusion become more than just a buzz word? This interactive and no-holds bar conversation allows the students to explore the experiences of others from diverse background and abilities, develop empathy for those who are different and delivers a pathway for inclusive mindset.


  • Explore the concept of community
  • Focus on attitude and language when dealing with others who are different.
  • Understand the relationship between empathy and social responsibility
  • Provide guidance to respect the voice and dignity of others in the community.
  • Inspire champions of Inclusion and other causes on campus.
  • Develop skills to build healthy relationships and connections with others the lens of empathy, inclusion, and mutual respect.

Succeeding as a New Canadian

Chidi’s draws from his bestselling book-Coming to Canada: The Ultimate Success Guide for New Immigrants and Travelers to give unique insights to the key challenges and many transitions faced by Newcomers to Canada. This interactive, frank but inspiring dialogue gives international students and other newcomers an unbiased view of life in Canada, appreciation of the task ahead, the tools to meet the many challenges along the way.


  • Build the resilience required to navigate the settlement maze.
  • Understand the domains of success for new Canadians.
  • Explore the multiculturalism that is at the heart of Canada.
  • Navigate the lack of Canadian experience for job search.
  • Get an overview of key sectors of the Canadian society to enable full integration.
I just viewed your presentation at the virtual job fair. My family and I will be moving to Ontario in the next few weeks. I really appreciated your words of advice and your willingness to help newcomers. Keep up the good work!
Dr. Aaron Smith
Chidi’s passion for immigrant employment is infectious. He shared his personal experience and struggles. This gave uncommon insights into many of the challenges faced by newcomers in Canada. In one word, Chidi is authentic. It was a half-hour well spent.
Obi Okeke, Halifax, Nova Scotia
I have gotten to know Chidi over the past one year. He cares passionately about the well being of others, has received awards in Business and has an amazing list of volunteer activities.
Don Patterson, Managing Partner/Broker Owner,
Remax Excellence Edmonton
Chidi is classy, yet down-to-earth and really funny. Will help your guests relax and enjoy the show. Will help celebrate your memorable events while helping make memorable moments out of it for your benefit.
Peter O, Edmonton, Canada
I would like to thank you very much for the informative topic you shared with our newcomers. I will look forward to having you again in other topics.
Muna, St. Alberta Further Education